As an author, it’s important for you to understand the degree of control you have over the product you’re purchasing, and what you can expect of us, the designer.

What files am I getting?
We provide hi-res JPEG ebook cover files, and hi-res PDF files for print wraps (when included, see individual listings for more details.)

What legal rights do I have over the cover?
With your purchase, you are licensing from us the exclusive, worldwide, perpetual rights to use the artwork as a book cover, and in any manner related to the marketing and distribution of said book.

What legal rights do I not have?
We reserve the rights of modification, attribution, and resale. We will never sell a cover twice, but we also prohibit the sale of the cover by you to a third party without permission. Permission may be granted if you have not yet received the customized high-res image files. Modification of our work devalues our rights of attribution–in other words, if the artwork is negatively impacted by the modification, it will reflect on us and our business. Rights of modification, attribution, and resale may be licensed for an additional fee.

Do I have to credit you?
Yes. We request credit in the front-matter of the published work, in the following format:

Cover art © Vivid Covers | 

Can I use the artwork on swag or merchandise?
Possibly. Some of our premade work does include stock imagery, which prohibits printing merchandise without the purchase of an extended license. Let us know if this is what you want to do, and we may be able to provide you with a merchandise-safe version of the artwork.

I’m not sure about my title/blurb. Can I just get the layered file so I can do it myself later?
Short answer… maybe. Typography is incredibly important to the overall quality and professionalism of a cover, and every cover we send out into the world is a billboard for our design and illustration services, so its important to us that every aspect of the design speaks well for us. Because of that, we generally prefer to handle the typography ourselves, but there are situations in which we can make an exception to that rule.

If you need to tweak the title or blurb, just let us know. All minor text adjustments to our covers are 100% free within the first six months after delivery of final files. Rights of modification can be negotiated for an additional fee; layered files are included with the sale of modification rights.

I need to make marketing graphics. Can I get the text-free artwork?
We can provide you with cropped, low-res, web-optimized images for use in marketing graphics. Just let us know what you need.

I can’t use the cover any longer. Can I get a refund?
In most cases, premade cover sales are final. If you have not yet received the final, hi-res files, we may be open to buying the cover back from you at a reduced price, or facilitating the sale of the cover to a third party.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.