Our Covers

What are Original Premade covers?

No more deja-vu covers! Our original premade covers make use of images that are 100% originally illustrated and rendered by us. Because these covers are original, we can more fully customize them to fit your book. See all our original premade covers HERE.

What are Essential Stock Premade Covers/Custom Covers/Flash Packs?

Custom Covers are covers designed specifically to your requirements. Depending on your needs, we can illustrate your cover from the ground up, or use professional photocompositing techniques to create something that represents your story perfectly. For more information about Custom Covers, including pricing, please go HERE.

Essential Stock Premade Covers are designed using stock images to create a professional-looking cover at a low price. For our original premade covers that use original illustration and rendering, see HERE.

Flash Packs are bundles of simple, attractive covers designed for authors who are publishing short stories, or have a large body of work. We understand that it can be prohibitively expensive to purchase multiple covers for small works that can have a limited return on investment. Flash Packs are primarily text against a textured background, and unlike our other covers, they are not sold exclusively.

Ordering Covers

Do you offer discounts on multiple covers?

We absolutely do. For premade orders, you can save up to $200 by buying in multiples. See more information HERE.

We can also offer discounts for multiple custom orders. Contact us HERE for more information.

How quickly can I get my cover?

We’re not just good, we’re good and lightning fast. 

For premade covers, our usual turnaround is 24-72 hrs, Monday through Saturday. For custom ebook or print covers, you should receive the first of 3 first drafts within 48-72 hours. Custom illustration orders come with five preliminary sketches, all delivered within a week. Most custom projects can be completed in 2-3 weeks.

Customizing Covers

Can I swap out one of the covers in my Flash Pack?

Yes! If you like 4 of the covers from the Metal 1 Pack, but hate the 5th, and want one from the Texture 3 Pack, just let us know which one you want delivered to you instead.


How can I be sure my cover will be unique?

All of our custom designs are 100% unique. Non-illustrated work is sourced from premium stock imagery into a professional photocomposite that is entirely your own. We guarantee that you won’t find another book wearing your novel’s cover. Illustrated work is 100% original, and exclusive to your book alone.

Our premade covers are also sourced from non-exclusive stock imagery. Once we sell a design, it is no longer offered for sale, but our premades often use fewer composite images. Because of this, you may find some similarities between your cover and others available. Non-exclusive stock imagery is what allows us to offer professional design at a very low price.

With all covers, the rule of thumb is: Quality, Exclusivity, Low Price – pick two! All of our covers are high-quality, competitive designs. To be sure that your cover will be unlike any other cover out there, let us custom make it for you.

Can you make changes to the cover I’ve chosen?

Short answer… yes!

Long answer… yes, and probably for free. For premades, minor adjustments such as font color, size, placement (etc) can be done for no additional charge. You’ll have an opportunity to request the changes after ordering. For more substantial changes (give her a katana instead of a broadsword, change his hair from brown to blonde, etc) consider having a Custom Cover designed to your exact specifications.

All custom covers include several initial drafts, and up to five rounds of revisions–and we make the most of them! Most of our clients use less than three. If you’ve had a custom cover done, and would like some adjustments made to the image after the contract has ended, drop us a line! We’re more than happy to help.


Can you create a banners/ads/bookmarks/etc based on my cover?

Yes. Social/Marketing graphics are available as part of our custom cover packages. If you’ve purchased one of our premade covers, you can order your banners, click-to-web ads, audiobook covers, mockups, etc, HERE.

Can you format my cover for Createspace/LightningSource/ACX?

Yes. Our Custom eBook and Print Cover and Custom Illustrated Cover packages come with print formatting included. To add ACX formatting to your custom order, or to have a print or ACX cover designed for your premade, see our additional services HERE.

If you are purchasing multiple premades, our discount codes for bulk cover orders come with discounts of future wraparounds of your purchased ebook covers. See codes and discounts HERE.



What size and format will my final cover image be?

We deliver our ebook covers in JPEG format, and our print covers in PDF format, unless otherwise requested.

All of our covers are hi-res, and our default ebook ratio is 2:3 (2000 pixels wide and 3000 pixels high). The size of a print cover image will depend on the number of pages in your book, and your chosen trim size (5×8, 6×9, etc).

If you need your cover sized differently, or in a different file format, let us know when ordering.

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